Is it okay to sleep on your back during pregnancy?

For some mothers it is impossible to sleep on their back, especially during the last stages of pregnancy. They may feel sick and have a hard time breathing. The baby and the uterus may press on the blood vessels on the spine so that the mother’s blood pressure drops while lying down. If the mother’s blood pressure drops significantly, the blood circulation of the placenta is reduced and the baby’s oxygen level is endangered. This does not happen without the mother noticing, however. During the last stages of the pregnancy, the mothers sleep poorly, they toss and turn and have to go to the bathroom. The sleep is often very superficial. While the mothers are having these “catnaps”, they are subconsciously observing the baby’s well-being. If lying on your back is not causing nausea and a need to turn on the side, there is no danger in sleeping on your back.