For you, expecting father!

The presence, interest, and participation of the father in the care and upbringing of the child are without question important for the well-being of both the child and the mother. It is also known that men, who have a relationship with their own children, are healthier both mentally and physically than those whose fatherhood has run aground for one reason or another. The fatherhood is stronger if the relationship with the baby is formed during the pregnancy. Time should be invested in the development for fatherhood, and developing a relationship with your own child is never too late.

Naturally, the pregnancy is the time to deal with the feelings, fears and preconceptions related to parenthood. Own childhood and teenage-experiences are often brought to mind, and sometimes they may even bring feelings of anxiety. Do not harbor or discount your feelings. They belong to the “script” of Your life. Become familiar with your own “history”, ponder your childhood, the parents and the your family of origin. Discuss your feelings and concerns with your partner. You are always welcome to the clinic to talk about your feelings. Remember that the parents who are well have children who are well.

Take care of your physical well-being as well. Come visit us at the clinic, and we will conduct a well-being charting with You and recommend a program that would advance Your well-being. Take good care of yourself, as an expecting father; you will soon be the most important person in the life of your child.