For you, expecting mother!

At best, pregnancy is the most rewarding time of your life. At the same time, it is the most important developmental phase for your child. Take care of yourself and your child’s first stages during this time as best as you can.Maternity is not just physical experiences and biological growth. It is as much outbursts of feelings as well: happiness, joy, and even fears. The mood swings are a natural part of the pregnancy. The purpose of the maternity clinic is to take care of the comprehensive well-being of the mother. It is not only about following the clinical development and growth of the child in the womb. It should be at least as much emotional participation of completely new and strange emotional experiences of the expecting mother. Its purpose should also be to function as guidance to experience the different stages of pregnancy as natural and happy events.Private Maternity Clinic of Helsinki offers you individualized clinical services. All of your needs and wishes during the pregnancy are considered.The fears and uncertainties related to childbirth may feel overwhelming to an expecting mother. The purpose of our childbirth coaching is to dispel these fears and also provide realistic information about the labor and childbirth experience so that as a mother giving birth, you might experience the childbirth with peace and confidence. We coach you and your partner for childbirth either individually or as a group, according to your desire. Our goal in all of our activities is a mother, who is satisfied and happy with a safe pregnancy and childbirth and a baby who is well.