Maternity clinic services

The services at the maternity clinic consist of three entities: pregnancy follow-up, childbirth coaching, and postnatal care.

Pregnancy follow-up

Mothers background information, lifestyle information and health status are checked;

An individualized pregnancy care plan is written for the mother;

All necessary lab tests are done;

Mother’s physical and emotional well-being is followed together with the baby’s development and growth during the visits to the clinic. The content of the clinic visits depend on the situation and the needs of the mother.

The experience has shown that one-half of the clinic visits deal with the clinical studies and reviewing the results and the other half deals with finding answers to the questions that the mother has.

Initially, the clinic visits are once a month. As the pregnancy advances, the visits become more frequent depending on the mother’s condition and her needs.

The pregnancy follow-up may also be done as house calls.

Coaching for childbirth

The purpose of the labor and childbirth coaching is to guide the mother through childbirth that is as comfortable as possible. The need and content of the coaching is formed based on the individual needs of the mother. The coaching takes place either individually or in group. The mother’s support person has an opportunity to participate and it is hoped that they do participate in the coaching.

The client herself determines the amount of coaching. A typical coaching period is 3 – 4 hours in sessions with various duration. Childbirth coaching may also be done by house calls.

Starting the childbirth coaching is appropriate usually only after the week 30 of the pregnancy.

Postnatal care

The midwife does house calls after the childbirth as needed.
During the house call, the child is weighed, the belly button is checked, as well as the overall condition of the child. The mother is given guidance in nursing and in the care of the infant, and the childbirth experience is reviewed.