Paternity clinic services

In the traditional maternity clinic operations, the welfare and health of the father take a back seat to everything else. The experience has shown that the physical and emotional well-being has an immediate effect on the well-being of the mother, the child and the entire family.

The internal well-being of the family is a question of mutual responsibility. It is important already during the pregnancy for both partners to realize that their own well-being depends on the well-being of their partner and also the well-being of the other familial relationships.

At the Private Maternity and Paternity Clinic of Helsinki, the partners have an opportunity for joint well-being counseling. It is hoped that the fathers do participate in the clinic visits as possible and grow in the mutual responsibility for the well-being of the self and the family.

The father participating in the clinic services will have their physical and emotional well-being charted. A well-being index is determined for the father, which will serve as a basis for the goal-oriented plan for the maintenance and possible improving of the well-being. An essential part of the clinic services is to help deal with the emotions arising from the upcoming fatherhood as well as individual coaching for the childbirth.