Price list as of 07 December 2017

Price list

Visit 30 min 60 €
(appointment time  30 minutes)
Visit 45 min 80 €
(appointment time  45 minutes)
Visit 60 min 100 €
(appointment time  60 minutes)
Visit 1 h 30 min 145 €
(appointment time  1h 30 minutes)

Coaching 145 €
(appointment time 90 minutes)

House calls 160-240 €
(appointment time 45-90 minutes)

No travel expenses for house calls in the capital region

The package for the First-time mother 950 €


– pregnancy care (at least 11 visits)

Visit 1 h 30 min (Initial visit)
Visit 45 min (Follow-up visits)

– childbirth coaching
– free phone counseling and guidance
– guide booklets

The first-time mother package is billed in three payments as the pregnancy progresses.

The blood hemoglobin and urine tests for the routine pregnancy follow-up during the clinic visits are included in the fee.

The guide booklets pertaining to the pregnancy are free for, as well as the counseling and guidance over the phone.

All fees include the VAT and no office fees are collected in conjunction with the appointment. The clinic services do not include VAT.

KELA cover a portion of the private clinic service expenses.

The fees for the so-called routine blood tests, i.e. blood typing, cardiolipin antibody test, Hepatitis-B and HIV test are collected based on the lab fees and these are not included in the clinic visit fees.