What is an appropriate weight gain during pregnancy?

Weight gain during the pregnancy is very individual and rarely steady. Mother’s initial weight is also significant; thin women may gain often up to 30 kilos additional weight during their first pregnancy and comparatively, the weight gain for an overweight mother may be as few as 5-6 kilos. At times it may feel, especially in early pregnancy, that nothing in the world can keep the weight gain in check. The hormonal factors cause swelling, constipation, breast growth and the increase of blood during the first three months of the pregnancy. As the pregnancy advances, the weight gain becomes perhaps a little more logical and watching what you eat can control it. The last stages of pregnancy are another story; weight seems to change a kilo up or down. This is most commonly just swelling that is harmless, that may be decreased by reducing the salt and sugar use and increasing rest and drinking water. The swelling is related to the size of the baby in relation to the mother, and the larger the baby, the more substantial the swelling. When the weight changes during the last stages of pregnancy, the childbirth is usually close. Unfortunately so many of the expecting mothers today seem to have a nightmarish fear of additional weight during the pregnancy. The rule of thumb is that the lower the initial weight of the mother, the more weight gain may, and should, occur. For those who are clearly overweight at the beginning of pregnancy, they should seriously consider their own diet. It is not necessary to weight oneself too often during the pregnancy. If you eat healthy—regularly and several small meals during the day, drop the use of sugar and fat use to minimum and have sufficient exercise, nothing else is needed. There is no point asking from the scales whether you have eaten well, you know it yourself. If you want to use the scales in following the pregnancy, it is best to weigh yourself always at home with the same scale and at the same time of day, for example in the morning before getting dressed and having breakfast. It is absolutely sufficient to weigh oneself only in the mornings of the clinic visits.